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Holiday rest house

Kastaņas is a place where you can take delight of silence and serenity aroused by splendid nature and birds chattering around.

We tender you to enjoy the rest house located in Lielvarde with sauna/bathhouse near the Kaibala nullah waterside. Just next to the house you will find a pond to refresh and open-air bath to relax. The place has been granted with Green Certificate thus providing you the time of recreation robust as it can be.

Rest house’s area is 120m2. The first floor is set as a large hall with fireplace. The hall is planned for 30 people also including the kitchen with all amenities. There are two double rooms with a balcony in the second floor of the house as well as living-room.

House is surrounded by a wide range of green area, where you can erect tents, picnic at the campfire or make barbecue.